Monday, October 24, 2011

Look Up!

Flowers certainly soften and beautify an event, but there is another feature that can enhance this feeling within the space.

A great decor option is an overhead Ceiling Installation. It's another component that not only fills the open, negative space above, but also stands out to your guests.

There are many types of installations that's can be designed to coordinate with your personality and style.

Cafe Lighting and Bottle Lanterns give off a warm and relaxed atmosphere, while styles like Hanging Crystal Votives and Luminaries create a more elaborate and gorgeous twinkle.

If you prefer a light and quirky vibe, Paper Lanterns will always add this feeling to the space.

All romantic in their individual ways, they create and combine a completeness to the event space.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Desserts Done Differently

For your next event, instead of serving your guests your standard dessert treat, try surprising them with a not-so-average dessert of your choosing! The days of chocolate cake, cookies, and ice cream are over with and candy bars, doughnut holes, and cake pops are in!! With these dessert fads on the rise, it will be a huge hit among your guests and will add that extra kick to your event that will separate yours from others.

If you’re feeling extra creative, try creating an eclectic installation to display these desserts or use apothecary jars for your candy bar! The more unusual, the better and you’ll be WITHOUT A DOUBT catching the eye of your guests.

Depending on your party’s theme, try various shapes and sizes of apothecary jars standing on hidden plexiglass cubes to show your candy bar’s eccentric vibe. If you choose to display doughnut holes, assemble a cake stand and place your doughnut holes in a towering cone. Finally, if you’re serving cake pops, take from their popular display at Starbucks and place each cake pop individually in wrapped Styrofoam.

One last tip, when choosing your desserts, try to pick the most colorful and bright desserts to serve to your guests. Unusually colored M & M’s, sprees, and licorice wheels are just a few of the assortment of candies available to make your candy bar the most enticing bar that it can be. If you decide on the doughnut holes or cake pops, ice them in the most unordinary colors while sprinkling chocolate sprinkles and rainbow sprinkles on top of them. Just always remember, the funkier the better!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We are Here and There and EVERYWHERE!!!

JG Team had a very busy week last week. We produced three events in three different cities: Washington DC, West Hollywood, and NYC. Here are some event photos that I wanted to share with you guys. Enjoy!

Under Armour, NYC
Under Armour hosted an event at the Midtown City Sports Store celebrating the launch of Charger RC and JG helped turning the retail store into a cool cocktail party atmosphere!

AOL AMP Summit, Washington DC
AOL hosted a cocktail party at L2 Lounge in Georgetown for AMP Summit
and JG helped decorate L2 Lounge. We branded the L2 lounge with fun AOL logos on the tables, DJ booth, and back bars.

Champagne & Tea Party , West Hollywood, CA
The Ballroom at the London Hotel in West Hollywood was turned into a space for an elegant afternoon Champagne & Tea Party with a modern touch. Eclectic flowers in hues of Orange and yellow ran down the table as 10 priceless art pieces displayed around the room for Art Leasing Benefits.

Don't forget to check out this gorgeous custom runner that has neon colored borders!