Monday, March 22, 2010

DIFFA's Dining By Design

DIFFA’s Dining By Design ended today with a fabulous Gala. Our good friends at DIFFA, asked us to be part of DIFFA’s DBD once again. Of course, we jumped in to donate a table with out hesitation!

DIFFA, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, was founded in 1984. It is one of the largest founders of HIV/AIDS service and education organizations in the United States. Dining By Design is DIFFA’s signature fundraising event where various corporations and designers showcase their creativity and talents by creating unique dining installations to ultimately accommodate their guests at the Gala.

This year’s JG table consisted of a custom-made high top table with hedges, grass flooring, fiber optic curtains, almost life-sized giraffes and colorful birds. We created the ‘Dinner Under the Stars’ room with whimsical flare to it by placing colorful birds on the hedges. We personally enjoy doing the table for DIFFA for several reasons. First of all, we LOVE to give and support DIFFA and its great cause. Also it gives us an opportunity to show everyone what we are all about!

During the Hop & Taste event on Sunday, we saw Michael Urie (Mark from Ugly Betty) posing for the camera inside of our booth. Then we found out that our table was his favorite! We love your great taste in design Michael!

Brad Ford designed a piggy table with all those little piggy banks. Brad was asked to bring back the table to be part of this year’s fund raising efforts again!

We witnessed a little girl donating to the table and the pigs, so we captured the KODAK moment of the event!

If you were there to join us at DIFFA during this 5-day event, thank you! We really appreciate your support! If you weren’t able to be there this time, please visit to look out for more exciting events in the future!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Passover Countdown... Recipe Alert

We know what people will be drinking/snacking on during Passover this year...

Jes' cool updates on recipes for the high holiday have the blog-a-buzzing with people dying to try her 5th Question cocktail and Choco-Matzah!

Get the full recipes on HERE on Aly Walansky's fabulous new blog. (We heart her!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pop of Color

A couple of sugJEStions for how to get the most out of your purchase?

If you use real votive candles make sure to put a little splash of water into each to keep the wax from sticking in the bottom.

An even better option to make these glow is with LED lights that give the illusion of a candle without the hazards of a flame and the messy clean-up.

Get the Lolli Candleholders at Crate & Barrel for $6.95

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Today with the blue skies and crisp air it really felt like spring! One of the best things about Spring is the feel of celebration in the air. With the warm weather, cute clothes and fresh foods people are just in the mood for a good party. Are you thinking of throwing a seasonal bash soon? Below are some tips from Jes on designing your own Springtime Garden Party!

1. Entertain in a room with natural sunlight, or even better outside! (just be wary of April Showers!)

2. Create small seating areas out of patio furniture or old-fashioned wrought-iron tables and chairs.

3. Use potted plants, like mini potted roses, gardenias, and azaleas, for everything, including your table centerpieces. Hang potted ferns from above, and cover serving areas with natural moss accents. Spring is all about new life and growth so having live plants is ideal.

4. Don't be afraid to get uberfeminine and lush -- use a lace overlay on top of your tablecloth.

5. For another centerpiece idea, grab a mismatched collection of vintage milk-glass vases and glassware to hold blooms. Go ahead and mix up your flatware too, and serve your tea in an eclectic array of antique teacups and saucers.

6. Bring in some butterflies! They don't have to be the real thing, but place silk butterfly accents in all your plant decorations to create a realistic garden atmosphere.

The whole point with a Springtime Garden Party is to embrace the colors, accents, and mood of the beautiful nature around you!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oscars Party Ideas That Don't Suck - Win a Copy of Jes' Book!

Avatar, Up in the Air, Inglourious Basterds... Jes looks to these Best Picture contenders for unique Oscars party ideas (featured on that won't have people bored to tears like a bad award show can. Jagermeister-filled water pistols? Boredom is impossible.

Some of Jes' other ideas included inspired cocktails (Pandora Punch anyone?) and fun themed details like serving mini bottles and handing out invitations that look like boarding passes for an Up in the Air party.

Another nominated movie this year is Julie & Julia for Meryl Streep's performance. Leave a comment with an idea you have for Julie & Julia themed invites, drinks, menu items, games, decor, etc! A few lucky winners will win a copy of Jes' book, "Party Like a Rock Star"! (Just be sure to include your email address or Twitter so we can contact you if you win!) @jesgordon
Ends this Friday, 11:59pm. Winners picked randomly.

For last minute Hollywood Glam party supplies, check out one of Jes' favorites, Social Couture...

Get Red Carpet Ready with These Last Minute Oscars Tips

With the number of celebrity events/weddings/red carpet functions Jes has under her belt, it's no surprise that she can offer awesome expert tips for averting red carpet wardrobe malfunctions and smoothing that dreaded "cottage cheese ass." (Hallelujah!)

Check out her suggestions over at UsWeekly Online.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Check out BizBash's feature on the event here!

This past week we designed and produced a launch event for the new make-up line by Tarina Tarantino exclusively for Sephora. The event took place at Siren Studios in Hollywood and was attended by celebrities, stylists, and industry insiders. Check out the photos below to see some of the amazing features from the party. As always, we love to hear your comments so leave them!

The step-and-repeat where guests talked to press was designed to look like the top of a vanity with the logo inside a huge 10 foot frame. Guests were introduced to the theme from the very start as they walked the red carpet.

Vanities displayed the Tarina Tarantino product. The backdrops are the patterns and characters from her Fashion Collection. The vanities were given more Sparkle by accents of Tarina's jewelry.

As guests walked into the party they were greeted with an oversized image of a girl looking into the "Sparkle Factory" where all of Tarina's creations are made. This image gave guests a feeling of really being inside a huge factory (a pink and sparkly one!) To the right you can see the design for the bars. Each bar was custom designed to look like a vanity. The bartenders served through the mirror frames. Guests LOVED to take photos behind the bars.

Lounge areas gave guests a place to relax while taking in the party. White and mirrored furniture was used and then lit in accents of pink. Amazing octopus chandeliers hung overhead in shades of pink.

Overall the party gave guests a true sense of "Living the Sparkling Life!"

Monday, March 1, 2010

@jesgordon V-Day Twitter Party a Success!

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us on Twitter Feb. 11th for Jes' V-Day party!

In the two hour period, Jes fielded over 4000 Valentine's Day-inspired Tweets!!!
Jes shared expert advice for everything - gift ideas, cocktails, creative ways to celebrate the night. We also gave away lots of fun stuff (featured on UsWeekly) and had a great time!

Big thanks to GLOSS, UsWeekly and Aly Walansky for being the co-hostests with the mostest.

Stay tuned for details about our big BRIDAL Twitter party with Brides Magazine (and Aly, of course!) sometime in June...

Follow Jes on Twitter at @jesgordon!