Friday, April 29, 2011 asked JG for her input on the nuptials of William and Catherine.

Click the link below to see what Jes had to say about the Royal Wedding!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Estee Lauder turned to JG to style an executive meeting for  pureDKNY, a fragrance line that helps women and children in Africa.

Images from Africa were displayed in the background and showed how the product has benefitted the people living in Uganda.

We dressed up the conference table with displays of the product and lush floral arrangements atop a marble runner.

If only ALL executive meetings could look this gorgeous!

Friday, April 22, 2011

VS Sexy Little Bride

On Wednesday, the JG team styled the highly anticipated launch of Victoria's Secret's new "Sexy Little Bride" collection.

Brides and their guests were welcomed at the entrance with a display of gorgeous lush white flower arrangements and mannequins dressed in white wedding lingerie.

We extended the entrance decor to the Day & Night of the Wedding room, where we displayed gorgeous lush white flowers to compliment the special wedding lingerie.

The Bachelorette room was dazzled with feathers and crystals! Our florals were composed of white flowers with hints of pink and finished with white ostrich feathers and crystals.

What's a wedding without the honeymoon? Exotic plant leaves and florals in bright blues and greens dressed up the Swim room and transported invitees to a luxurious vacation atmosphere.

The Honeymoon Lingerie room displayed dark and sexy floral arrangements composed of flowers in shades of plum with hints of pink!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JG on iVillage!

This week, Jes shares her tips for creating a spare-no-expense kid's birthday party with iVillage!

Click below to read the entire article!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

FUNky Floral Installation

When Michael Tavano wanted fun, unique florals that would wow the audience viewing his display this week at 41 Madison, he turned to none other than JG! Read on for the FUNky arrangements we created.

We gave this bar display some amazing pops of color and complimented the bar wares using Beehive Ginger, Kangaroo Paws, and exotic green leaves.

This hutch was dressed up with baby Hanging Heliconia and was given a draping look with Maidenhair Ferns. 

We brought POP to the table display with Poppies and organic style with Fig Branches. To give great contrast, we added a gorgeous purple color by using Unopened Hyacinth.

We helped the Gold Mesh Bowls shine by going organic. We brought in fun succulents in all shapes and sizes and  with varying shades of green.

Miniature pineapples were placed on the table top. Aren't they adorable?

We gave this gorgeous glass, domed cake plate a new level of intrigue that drew people to look inside by mixing Paddle Succulents, Lady Slipper Orchids, and really funky red coral plants.

Friday, April 8, 2011

sugJEStions for Designing a Springtime Garden Party

1. Entertain in a room with natural sunlight, or even outside!

2. Create small seating areas out of patio furniture or old-fashioned wrought-iron tables and chairs.

3. Use potted plants, like mini potted roses, gardenias, and azaleas, for everything, including your centerpieces.

Hang potted ferns from above, and cover serving areas with natural moss accents.

4. Don't be afraid to get ├╝berfeminine and lush -- use a lace overlay on top of your tablecloth.

5. For another centerpiece idea, grab a mismatched collection of vintage milk-glass vases and glassware to hold blooms.

Go ahead and mix up your flatware too, and serve your tea in an eclectic array of antique teacups and saucers.

6. Bring in some butterflies! They don't have to be the real thing, but place silk butterfly accents in all your plant decorations to create a realistic garden atmosphere.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Night of Ethereal Romance

Lauren and Holger celebrated their special day in modern elegance.

The bride and groom were married on Saturday at The Lighthouse where they exchanged vows under a stunning, ethereal chuppah draped in sheer, white fabric and adorned at the corners with accents of Phalaenopsis Orchids with pink centers.

The glamorous entry hallway was accented with candles contained in glass cylinders and warmly welcomed guests to the ceremony inside.

Cocktail tables were topped with sleek white callas with deep purple centers.

The Escort Table was illuminated with vases lit from within with floating candles. Oversized glass diamonds added an elegant touch. And white Phalaenopsis Orchids with pink centers enhanced the romantic feel.

The dining tables were adorned with lush centerpieces containing jewel tones in pink and orange, with accents of deep purple

Let us know what you think!