Friday, April 8, 2011

sugJEStions for Designing a Springtime Garden Party

1. Entertain in a room with natural sunlight, or even outside!

2. Create small seating areas out of patio furniture or old-fashioned wrought-iron tables and chairs.

3. Use potted plants, like mini potted roses, gardenias, and azaleas, for everything, including your centerpieces.

Hang potted ferns from above, and cover serving areas with natural moss accents.

4. Don't be afraid to get ├╝berfeminine and lush -- use a lace overlay on top of your tablecloth.

5. For another centerpiece idea, grab a mismatched collection of vintage milk-glass vases and glassware to hold blooms.

Go ahead and mix up your flatware too, and serve your tea in an eclectic array of antique teacups and saucers.

6. Bring in some butterflies! They don't have to be the real thing, but place silk butterfly accents in all your plant decorations to create a realistic garden atmosphere.

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