Monday, July 25, 2011

Put your 3D Glasses on!

About a year and a half ago the program Live Interior 3D Standard was introduced to the Rockstar Headquarter by tech savvy Bill. Live Interior 3D program is an interior design application that lets you build your event, house or office on your mac.

Most of our events are not only about the tabletop design but overall décor, creating that perfect environment. At jesGORDON/properFUN, With the large scale events that come our way, 3D Standard is the perfect tool.

We love perfection; so being able to create the floorplans perfectly to scale makes our productions day of move smoothly (Production on the day of should never be a guessing game anyways!). Our clients find it very difficult to envision the events themselves. They come to us with a list of ideas in their head but don't really see how it could come together, or better yet, if their ideas even to together, so they look to us to not only design their event but to give them a visual before they even step foot in the room. The feedback is ALWAYS positive.

Have you played The Sims games? 3D program is like decorating your own space on The Sims except with much more advanced tools and availabilities of décor items. I used to spend hours decorating the house of my dreams and not actually playing with the characters. So I had no problem spending endless hours playing with the program once it was installed.

To practice all the tools in the program, I built my own union Square apartment. It was a perfect space because it was small enough for me to measure with a measuring tape and I knew all the details (measurements and locations of the walls, windows, doors, and furniture). I attached the real photo of my room and the 3D version of it. Looking back at these renderings, I definitely was not fully utilizing what the program offers. As you can see, the 3D rendering still looks very computer created and not polished.

After about a year of pumping out 3D projects for our clients, I started a project of my own, building my DREAM HOME. It is a 1400sq. ft NYC apt built from a scratch. I am very much in love with materials like wood, metal, and tiles. You will notice the ceiling, walls, and floors all include all these materials.

These photos are few of my favorite projects I’ve worked on for our clients!

Put your 3D glasses on and ENJOY J


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Favorites

People may think that your flower varieties are limited during the late months of summer, however some of my favorites fall right around this time of season.

If you are a future bride planning your wedding next year or just interested in what’s out there for your own personal knowledge, look no further!

In this post I will provide you with my three summer must haves.


While this flower is typically available year round in most cases, due to enhanced growing and shipping capabilities, some of the best color varieties come straight from local growers this time of year. The waves of dimension and color variation are so unique and mind blowing you will fall in love ten times over.


If you love funky unique flowers that will make your guests say WOW….this flower is calling your name. Late summer, early fall is prime for this flower and the colors are so diverse and outrageous. The texture of this flower is so vast, from waves and brain shapes to sharp points and spikes, it is definitely a flower with personality.


Last but not least, this flower could never go out of style. It also comes in a broad range of shapes and sizes and their small buds could not be more charming. Another great flower for color variation, it also pairs well with all different textures.


Monday, July 11, 2011


As the design director at jesGORDON/properFUN, I am encouraged and supported to step outside of the box and design one of a kind parties! It is not always easy to stray away from what’s been done and seen in events, especially in NYC where all the fabulous designers produce such top-notch work. Jes is definitely one of the most creative minded inventors in the realm of event design. She has keen eyes and a fresh taste for new design, and she is not afraid to execute it.

First step to producing a one of kind event is to be inspired. When it comes to designing an event, my inspirations come from many sources. I’ve come to learn that event design is not only about tabletop decorations and table linens, but is about completely transforming the space through lighting, furniture, linens, flowers, props and much more.

I am a big fan of delicious cuisines and sweet pastries, beautiful photographs, unique textures, variety of colors, home décor, music, shapes and much more. Blogs, restaurants, galleries, store displays, fashion and basically everywhere in The world is my creative outlets and play a role in my designs.

Everywhere I look there are inspirations. I take visual snapshots in my head as I cruise down the street. Store windows in Soho and 5th avenue, art galleries in Chelsea and lower east side, and of course museums. Grab a pair of sunglasses and comfortable shoes, TAKE A WALK!

{Museum Pedestals}

{Museum Pedestals at the Pinch Event}

Top Store Window Displays:

Anthropology: I love their window displays. I like checking out the materials that they used. One of my favorite displays was large flower installation that was made with colorful plastic cups.

Louis Vuitton: LV always has visually striking window displays either through large fabricated props or lighting display. They are always the talk of the town!

I religiously read design and interior blogs. I’ve listed few below for you guys to check out! These Design blogs don’t contain anything event related. But that is why I enjoy reading them because they give me different perspective in design.

Design Blogs: Design Buzz, Gizmodo, Design Crush, Frame , Contemporist

Interior Blogs: Department of the Interior, Daily Dream Decor, Decor8

Check out my boards on Pinterest, these images work wonders for my imagination <3

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pinterest for smart brides

We wanted to share a great tool that will help you organize and collect gorgeous images. Have you heard about pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can clip images from the web or even upload images of your own and ensemble mood boards around any variety of topics. Pinterest makes it so easy to collect and share all sorts of images.

{search word: Wedding}

We shared some of our event photos on Pinterest. You will find cocktail table arrangement photos, chuppah photos and other gorgeous JG event photos on Pinterest. Hope will inspire many stylish Pinterest-ers :D

{Search Word: Escort Card Table}

Request an invite from Pinterest and enjoy :)