Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Favorites

People may think that your flower varieties are limited during the late months of summer, however some of my favorites fall right around this time of season.

If you are a future bride planning your wedding next year or just interested in what’s out there for your own personal knowledge, look no further!

In this post I will provide you with my three summer must haves.


While this flower is typically available year round in most cases, due to enhanced growing and shipping capabilities, some of the best color varieties come straight from local growers this time of year. The waves of dimension and color variation are so unique and mind blowing you will fall in love ten times over.


If you love funky unique flowers that will make your guests say WOW….this flower is calling your name. Late summer, early fall is prime for this flower and the colors are so diverse and outrageous. The texture of this flower is so vast, from waves and brain shapes to sharp points and spikes, it is definitely a flower with personality.


Last but not least, this flower could never go out of style. It also comes in a broad range of shapes and sizes and their small buds could not be more charming. Another great flower for color variation, it also pairs well with all different textures.


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