Monday, March 22, 2010

DIFFA's Dining By Design

DIFFA’s Dining By Design ended today with a fabulous Gala. Our good friends at DIFFA, asked us to be part of DIFFA’s DBD once again. Of course, we jumped in to donate a table with out hesitation!

DIFFA, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, was founded in 1984. It is one of the largest founders of HIV/AIDS service and education organizations in the United States. Dining By Design is DIFFA’s signature fundraising event where various corporations and designers showcase their creativity and talents by creating unique dining installations to ultimately accommodate their guests at the Gala.

This year’s JG table consisted of a custom-made high top table with hedges, grass flooring, fiber optic curtains, almost life-sized giraffes and colorful birds. We created the ‘Dinner Under the Stars’ room with whimsical flare to it by placing colorful birds on the hedges. We personally enjoy doing the table for DIFFA for several reasons. First of all, we LOVE to give and support DIFFA and its great cause. Also it gives us an opportunity to show everyone what we are all about!

During the Hop & Taste event on Sunday, we saw Michael Urie (Mark from Ugly Betty) posing for the camera inside of our booth. Then we found out that our table was his favorite! We love your great taste in design Michael!

Brad Ford designed a piggy table with all those little piggy banks. Brad was asked to bring back the table to be part of this year’s fund raising efforts again!

We witnessed a little girl donating to the table and the pigs, so we captured the KODAK moment of the event!

If you were there to join us at DIFFA during this 5-day event, thank you! We really appreciate your support! If you weren’t able to be there this time, please visit to look out for more exciting events in the future!

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