Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oscars Party Ideas That Don't Suck - Win a Copy of Jes' Book!

Avatar, Up in the Air, Inglourious Basterds... Jes looks to these Best Picture contenders for unique Oscars party ideas (featured on that won't have people bored to tears like a bad award show can. Jagermeister-filled water pistols? Boredom is impossible.

Some of Jes' other ideas included inspired cocktails (Pandora Punch anyone?) and fun themed details like serving mini bottles and handing out invitations that look like boarding passes for an Up in the Air party.

Another nominated movie this year is Julie & Julia for Meryl Streep's performance. Leave a comment with an idea you have for Julie & Julia themed invites, drinks, menu items, games, decor, etc! A few lucky winners will win a copy of Jes' book, "Party Like a Rock Star"! (Just be sure to include your email address or Twitter so we can contact you if you win!) @jesgordon
Ends this Friday, 11:59pm. Winners picked randomly.

For last minute Hollywood Glam party supplies, check out one of Jes' favorites, Social Couture...


  1. Vintage-looking recipe card invites typed up on a typewriter

    Coq au vin and Boeuf Bourguignon

    Prize for the best Julia Child impression hah!

  2. Invitations are printed on old-school recipe cards or note cards, either handwritten or in a scroll font reminiscent of France. Perhaps include lightly-inked rubberstamped images of the Eiffel Tower and/or “por avion” or other French- or travel-related stamped images or embellishments.

    Décor is simple and includes red and white checkered tablecloths, white holiday lights strung up around the dining area with French café music playing in the background – all to invoke a feeling of dining al fresco in a Parisian café.

    Each guest is requested to bring a side dish or hors d’oeuvre from Julia’s collection of recipes. The host prepares and provides Beef Bourguignon as the entrée, loaves of French bread, and Queen of Sheba cake for dessert. All food is served family-style.

    Upside-Down Martinis and Champagne to drink!

    Upon entering the party, any guest who doesn’t already come dressed as Julia Child would be given an apron and a colorful scarf to wear throughout the evening – including the men!

    Games/activities include guests sharing their treasured food-centered memories, cooking disasters and favorite dining experiences. Guests could also embellish their aprons and take them home as a functional party favor by which to remember the evening.