Tuesday, March 2, 2010


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This past week we designed and produced a launch event for the new make-up line by Tarina Tarantino exclusively for Sephora. The event took place at Siren Studios in Hollywood and was attended by celebrities, stylists, and industry insiders. Check out the photos below to see some of the amazing features from the party. As always, we love to hear your comments so leave them!

The step-and-repeat where guests talked to press was designed to look like the top of a vanity with the logo inside a huge 10 foot frame. Guests were introduced to the theme from the very start as they walked the red carpet.

Vanities displayed the Tarina Tarantino product. The backdrops are the patterns and characters from her Fashion Collection. The vanities were given more Sparkle by accents of Tarina's jewelry.

As guests walked into the party they were greeted with an oversized image of a girl looking into the "Sparkle Factory" where all of Tarina's creations are made. This image gave guests a feeling of really being inside a huge factory (a pink and sparkly one!) To the right you can see the design for the bars. Each bar was custom designed to look like a vanity. The bartenders served through the mirror frames. Guests LOVED to take photos behind the bars.

Lounge areas gave guests a place to relax while taking in the party. White and mirrored furniture was used and then lit in accents of pink. Amazing octopus chandeliers hung overhead in shades of pink.

Overall the party gave guests a true sense of "Living the Sparkling Life!"

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