Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 10 DIY Wedding Decor Items from IKEA

Look at these cute cocktail vases. LESS IS MORE!

PERSIKA vases are Mouth Blown by skilled craftsmen. These are perfect for romantic arrangements. Cluster of other vases in the PERSIKA series will bring beauty to the table!

These Block CAndle Holders will make a statement on your table!

We love hanging lanterns over the Dance Floor. IKEA sells handmade shades,
each shade is UNIQUE!

Pebbles can add organic look to the arrangement!

(Credits: The Knot)

These sophisticated candlestick holders can be found at IKEA. This is your BANG FOR A BUCK item :)

Look at these beautifully customized lemonade favors. EASY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL!

{Credits: Oh Happy Day}

Lit the Entry Hall way with Borrby Lanterns. Guests will feel warm and

These are not your regular glass vases. Interesting texture adds a character to the arrangement!

{Credit: The Beautiful Mess - Photography}

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  1. Those are some amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing .x