Friday, February 18, 2011

Ten Gorgeous Fluffy Finds

Lounge areas allow your guests to get comfy while they mingle. What better way to add fun and class to your lounge space than with toss pillows! They come in a ton of colors, designs, and fabrics to accentuate whatever look you're going for. We scoured Target for some gorgeous fabric baubles that are perfect for any budget! Here are our top 10 (or more!) faves:

10) Who says neutrals can't be fun? Animal prints are a fall favorite. But when done right, they can look great any time of the year. This fuzzy gem adds a whisper of glam and a ton of soft comfort. And the cover is easy to remove, which makes cleaning it a breeze!

9) If you want neutral without the jungle-effect, this cream-colored toss pillow is the perfect accessory for any seating area. The embroidered medallion design is charming without being overwhelming. Throw it on a black couch for a bit of eye candy!

8) This bright green Tangier pillow looks great when paired with black, brown, cream, or other shades of green. The interlocking pattern is smart and sassy, which makes us want it even more! Is it just us, or can you imagine this fitting quite nicely with the Tory Burch Fall 2011 line?

7) This velvet trinket in powder blue adds soft color and a touch of elegance. Velvet is fun because it has an effect similar to Velcro; toss a couple of these babies into the mix and your guests will have a hard time getting up from their seats! The feather filling only enhances its comforting effect and might turn your guests into permanent roommates.

6) The lattice pattern on this pillow is SO chic! It adds class to your decor because of its clean and sophisticated pattern. Plus it has a Jonathan Adler look to it, which will cause your guests to marvel over your keen eye for style! (The reverse side is a gorgeous powder blue, making it perfect to pair with the velvet beauty above)

5) Who says pillows have to be made of cloth? This brown leather bad boy adds visual texture without sacrificing elegance. Toss it with bright colors like fuchsia, cerulean, purple, or orange for a grown-up yet playful look.

4) For a punch of bright yellow, we love the 100% silk Bloom Argento. The cheerful color reminds us of the sun's glow and is sure to warm up any room! This pillow makes a statement when partnered up with solid, light grey pals.

3) Tired of winter yet? Celebrate Spring a little early this year with yellow rosettes! The pretty blossoms are a reminder that the real deal is just around the corner. Plug in a floral-scented air freshener for an added Spring kick.

2) Soft colors always look more dramatic when placed against a dark backdrop. The soft, embroidered mum design on this pillow is brought to life thanks to the satiny black color it sits on. Make the colors scream even louder by pairing it with vibrant yellows, blues and pinks!

And for our number one pic...

1) It's a tie between two (well, technically three!) pillows that compliment each other SO well! What is it about the quilted look that reminds us of curling up on the couch in our PJs with a steamy mug of hot chocolate? Nostalgia aside, this modern take on the quilted pattern has a few qualities that we absolutely love. Its satiny finish gives your lounge area a bit of sparkle. And our favorite part: it comes in a set of two! At less than $10 per pillow, it's an incredible buy! Use the money you saved to add a modern twist with the spiral design pillow below it.

Let us know what you think about our fabulous finds!

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  1. I wish I knew where you found them! I'm an interior designer and just seeing pictures of unattainable pillows is so very frustrating. Next time, please list your sources. Thanks! ;-)