Friday, March 4, 2011


On Tuesday, Team JG was busy at the Victoria's Secret store in SoHo styling the launch of their new Incredible Bra. 

The first part of the launch consisted of a mini editor event, where online editors and bloggers could learn about the Incredible bra and fragrance. To enhance the bra and fragrance's edgy sexiness, we styled the computer station with sleek, black callas nested in square mirror vases that reflected the signature hot pink color of the Incredible fragrance bottles. 

Shortly after, the customer event began. Here, customers got to walk the pink carpet, meet the Victoria Secret Angels, try the new bra, sample the fragrance, and get makeovers. 

(Photo Credit: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

In order to make this a truly Incredible experience for all who attended, we styled pedestals throughout the store with all things sexy, including more hot, mirrored square vases - this time filled with gorgeous callas in flirty pink and bold red hues that radiated fierce confidence throughout the room!

We displayed Sea Glass in apothecary jars and scattered it on the pedestals to bring out the beautiful, daring vibe of the new product. Signage was also displayed in flirty, mirrored frames. And each pedestal was adorned with a display that showcased a different way the new bra could be worn. 

It wouldn't be a JG event with a unique twist: we anchored arrangements of smooth, magnolia branches in large, clear vases and gently laid their soft blossoms on the pedestal tops to mimic and enhance the beauty and silkiness of the new bras.

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