Friday, May 6, 2011

SugJEStions for Designing a Mod Cocktail Party

Jes shares with us her tips for designing a mod cocktail party!

1) Think simple -- everything in the room has to be about clean lines, so no flowing fabric treatments.

2) Throw down some fab shag carpets in seating areas with oversized, high quality beanbag chairs. Also, low, round ultrasuede ottomans topped with graphic pillows would look fierce.

3) Keep the furniture simple and monochromatic but not necessarily just white -- explore brown, pistacchio green and yellow tones for that retro look.


4) Create a bold graphic pattern on the wall with vinyl appliques or a projection. Think about the fun patterns you see in vintage midcentury wallpapers.

5) Arrange some giant chrysanthemums in Jonathan Adler-style ceramic vases.

6) Cut up the space with cool room dividers, like a self-standing one from Eames (or, more cheaply, from West Elm), or hang up some curtains made with flat, mirrored beads.

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