Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Color Violet

Violet is one of the hottest colors at the moment. I am noticing a lot of gorgeous Violet colored items in season right now (Proof: Two of our next parties have violet & Blue centerpieces!).

Many people use Purple and Violet interchangeably but there is a slight distinction and difference in those two colors. Violet is synonymous with a bluish Purple and represents colors nearer to Blue, while Purple is used for colors between Violet and Red.

I've surfed through some of my favorite websites and blogs and have picked out a few great items featuring this color!

1. Dutch Hydrangea:

2. Floral Palette for our Bride:
3. Plum Square Capiz Shell Candle Holder (Source):

4. OPI Louvre me Louvre Me Not:

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