Monday, February 13, 2012

Post-Party Depression

The before is always more exciting than the after…

So many of my clients ask me: “Jes what do you do with all of this beautiful stuff after the event, and doesn’t it make you sad when the party is over?” There is a two-part answer, and the first part is easy.

In terms of flowers or food or anything that is perishable, a party life span is limited and to be honest a lot of elements deservedly go into the trash or back into the client’s hands. The fact is that after prepping and conditioning flowers for several days before the event in order to achieve the perfect bloom, these babies are ready to be put to rest by the end of the event. Hospitals, and assisted living homes don’t want dead flowers, nor do they have the man power to come and accept them, clean them and distribute them amongst the residents or patients.

Homeless shelters and food banks can’t use food that has been opened and exposed to a large group of people and frankly they are smart in protecting those who would receive this food no matter how desperate they are to eat—making recipients ill in return for free food is not acceptable.

The best way to avoid waste is to shop smart while planning your event. While ordering your food consider how many of your guests will actually consume what you are ordering and what will be left over. I am all for going all out for a special event. I believe that you are allowed to be a bit “Bougie” on special occasions. Just remember that there are people like you all over the world going over the top at the exact same time. The result is one huge leftover mountain!

Something that we have started doing is offering guests take home “doggie bags” of food from the party. Often folks are relieving baby sitters or didn’t leave a great dinner for the kids. Why not bring home some fab food from your night out? Also let’s not forget how those drunken munchies can brutally attack mid slumber. How awesome would it be to have that huge chunk of beef béarnaise waiting for you in the fridge much like a gift from heaven for exactly when you need it?

The emotional part of post-party depression is harder to digest. I have seen some of my brides go into deep depressions after being queen for a day, or being the skinniest they have ever been in their lives and feeling simply being adored. Also the hard work they poured into planning their big day for the past year was grueling and exhausting yet at the same time so purposeful.

Personally, I get emotionally attached to so many of my clients that I often feel like it’s the last day of a really great summer camp when the party is over and it’s sad. As I let go of a bride’s train as she floats down the aisle into her future or I tear down a window built out of M&M’s, I panic for a quick second but then I simply look forward. The truth is, this is not the last party we are ever going to throw. If we focus on the reasons we celebrate (which are numerous), there is always a party to look forward to. So turn that frown upside down and lets get planning!!!

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