Friday, June 26, 2009


So while filming for the E! NEWS segment Countdown To The Altar I have come t0 realize the power Reality Television really holds over its viewers. I can only hope that folks watching this spot or any spot for that matter, will walk away with a ton of take away knowledge and not the just the usual drama fluff that some reality television seems to breed. It is fascinating to see how the general public can earn an education in areas such as my event planning and production world simply from acting like the ever desired "couch potato" and sitting upon the couch and turning up the volume.
Selfishly speaking, its kind of nice to finally be hailed as an "expert" in front of the world after slinging parties for the past twenty years. One can only hope that young folks watching these types of segments can gain some sort of inspiration to follow their inner creative and to turn that creativity into a profession; like I have done. Tune into E! News every Tuesday night from 7-7:30pm to catch this info-packed small segment that falls within the half hour.

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