Thursday, July 2, 2009


So here I am sitting in the airport after my East Coast jaunt, and I finally have the time to sit back and reflect on what happened on this trip!! Though I am exhausted most of the time, in hindsight I suppose my life is pretty damned exciting because the last few weeks of madness has finally come to a reality for me as I exist in a limbo state of wondering whether or not I still have my driver's license in my my pocket and writing a flower recipe for an upcoming gig.

When I first arrived in NY, my mind could only contain Peonies. In creating Dan and Makenzie's wedding at the TriBeca Rooftop venue downtown, we had the pleasure of using of some nature's most incredible gift that had been nurtured and grown on Seema Boesky's estate in connecticut. I dont know Seema well; but it is clear to me that she knows the art of Peonies more than I know my own tush! our studio filled quickly with dark pink, light pink and bridal white peonies creating a virtual cloud of "wow-ness" in our dingy work room. Needless to say this wedding was magnificent. There is something so ethereal about a lush flower that smells like heaven. The other thing that made this wedding pop was the pure fabulous-ness of this particular bride. Makenzie is every planner's dream; she keeps things in perspective and she continually kept her eye on the ball: her now husband Dan who also is simply an awesome dude.
I find it inspiring when brides; particularly young ones are just simply happy to be getting married to the dude they adore and not go whack on the little things. This is a fine art that Makenzie has mastered throughout her life it seems.

Onto my other world. We met with our book editor for PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR later in the week, and wow I am getting an education on the art of marketing a book. Basically the book is only as good as its readers, you do the math...I will have to keep you all up to date on that situation as it unfolds... our E! NEWS segments are going swimmingly well while I master the art of powdering my face and crawling around my work space at the same time! Its kind of funny watching me try to be glamorous! more on that later too...

Onto the Big apple ISES Awards! well, we took home two!! it was lovely bringing home these little glass apples crafted by Simon Pearce, good times.... do you guys know what ISES is? well it stands for International Special Events Society and its pretty cool for folks like us in the industry to have this type of society to network within and to get called out with high honors. For folks like me who never made mom proud in school this has proved to suffice...

Speaking of mom. In my few spare hours on this trip, my dear mommy Suzy took me to see Billy Elliot; holy crap that kid could shake a leg yo! being a person who doesn't sit very well for long periods of time, I was surprised to find myself glued and well behaved in my seat void of snacking, blackberry'ing and fidgeting. I find it fascinating when young people can focus hard and long enough to become masters at what they do. Their discipline astounds and delights me! Thanks mom, for making me sit and enjoy for once; the added plus was that it was with you...
peace out!- more from the west coast as it all unfolds.... xoxojg

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