Thursday, July 23, 2009

Simple Things That Look Bling

- Creative lighting is a way to completely transform a space without having to do much. You can change the color of an entire room by using different light bulbs or by using a gel on recessed lights. The effect can be pretty stunning.

- Mirrors add mega-bling-- they open up a space and people adore gazing at themselves when they're feeling sexy and celebratory. You can use wall mirrors, floor mirrors, mirrored vases for florals, or even smaller mirrors as coasters.

- Use larger voluptuous flowers that will make a bigger splash rather than lots of little flowers all over the place. Peonies, hydrangeas, sunflowers, and dahlias have a great presence that allows you to use less stems and still fake a bountiful arrangement. A single peony in a small vase is more impressive to me than ten smaller flowers, like freeshia sitting in the same vase. - Provide noticeable details, such as a single flower on each napkin or a nice napkin tie made of wired ribon or tied grass at a dinner party. Creating cool seating cards for your guests, such as writing guest's name on a rock-if it's fall, try it on a big colorful leaf from your backyard.

(Photographs By:, Andre Maier Photography)

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