Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ten Easy Ways to Cheapify Your Party

This is a list of 10 easy ways to keep your budget under control while still having a fabulous event!

1. Edit your guest list: You don't have to invite everyone to every party. Take a look at your list and rethink those guests that maybe would be better for your next party.

2. Change the date: Simple things such as changing from a Saturday evening to a Friday or Sunday can drastically reduce your price when renting a venue. Also for a party planned far in advance consider changing the season, often winter months or right after a holiday are times you can negotiate a better price.

3. Keep it short and sweet: The party doesn't have to go on forever. The object is to leave your guests wanting more rather than dying to get out of there.

4. Go disposable: Using good quality, fun disposable products can often cut costs and be more interesting than costly glass and dinnerware. If you must buy real plates consider cost effective places like IKEA and Target.

5. Find The One: For decorations, pick one thing you adore and go with that. For example if you love candles buy votives in bulk and place them everywhere!

6. Look beneath the top shelf: When purchasing alcohol, you don't always need to buy top of the line. Try a new lesser known vodka brand, buy a
well made local wine, or substitute pricey champagne with more affordable Prosecco.

7. Buy in bulk: Go to a store like Costco or Sam's and embrace the selection! Buying more will save you money in the long run.

8. Find workable spaces: Choose venues that are party ready, don't choose a place that you need to put a lot into before it will be in working order. Ensure the space has things like the correct power so you don't have to rent a generator.

9. Go indoors: The cost of outdoor parties can get out of hand, especially with rentals and if the weather goes awry. All of the sudden you need tents, flooring, heating or air-conditioning. Indoor parties are not vulnerable to these added costs.

10. Use in-house stuff: When renting a venue try to use whatever they have in-house already. Tables, chairs, and linens can get costly when renting so this is a great way to save. If you really dislike the chairs or linens you can rent covers and overlays for much less than all new pieces.

Try going over your budget again now that you know these tricks and highlight areas that you will be ably to cut costs. Tomorrow I'll have sugJEStions on how to do a few simple things that look bling!

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