Monday, December 21, 2009

Today Show Bling!

Jes appeared as a guest on the Today Show Sunday to talk about how to create a fun and fabulous table for entertaining. She shared her ideas with the viewers on creating a table with bling, that is also meaningful and memorable to your guests! Jes covered her table with a beautiful copper (the HOTTEST color in 2010!) tone cloth then added round mirror place-mats with amber plates, silverware, and glassware. She chose stem-less glassware for water and wine the keep the possibility of spillage down! Centerpieces were arranged with bold festive flowers: Gloriosa Lily and Golden Treasure Orchids. The flowers definitely brought the WOW factor and a pop of color to the table. The table was garnished by napkins tied with peacock ribbons, mirrored place cards, amber and gold candle votives, moss balls, glass balls, and amber diamond sea glass.

Behind the Scenes!
Jes and the jesGORDON/properFUN team were invited to NBC Studios to prep the set for Jes' segment on Saturday. It was an exciting yet a very different experience. Jes wasn't allowed to carry or touch any of her props herself. She had to let the Today Show staff unwrap EVERYTHING (even her clippers) and place EVERYTHING on the table. She had to verbally show the guys where and how the flower centerpieces and other decorations were to be placed. HA! Check out some photos from Saturday!

Visitors got to meet Jes!

Jes reviewing questions with Jennifer from the Today Show

This is surreal! They are doing everything for US, we are used to setting everything up ourselves!

Jes working on the centerpieces in the back room.

Jes and the Table!

Everyone at the studio wanted to take the table HOME!

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