Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twitter Like a Rock Star!

At Jes' New Year's Eve Twitter party on December 28th, Jes fielded hundreds of questions from Tweeting fans looking for fresh, cool and totally JG party advice, tips and tricks.

Co-hosted by Lolita at MyGloss.com (@gloss) and with support from Aly at Splendicity (@alywalansky) - and even Patrick at Cosmo Radio (@cockswithp), Jes' first Twitter party was a huge success! (There was so much Twitter action, Jes went over her Tweet quota for the second hour!)

Fans asked Jes their burning questions (Chic non-alcoholic cocktails? Entertainment? Easy menu ideas?) while Jes shared her favorite ideas (Time capsules! Jack Daniels French Toast for post-party brunch! The Cerveza Collins!) Party attendees also Tweeted to win cool giveaways like Urban Decay 'Rock Star' makeup, Urban Aid on-the-go emergency kits (Jes took one of their kits to her last event), exotic teas from Revolution Tea, a hot pink/zebra striped party set from SocialCouture.com (A Jes favorite!) and of course, a copy of "Party Like a Rock Star". A big thanks to everyone!

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Keep your eyes out for details about Jes' Valentine's Day Twitter Party!

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