Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jes' Invites to Remember

This was a doggie vest Save the Date, so obviously Jes loved it!

With Spring in full bloom and Summer just around the corner parities and entertaining is at the front of everyone's mind. The first impression guests get of your party is the invitation so unique ideas are the best way to show the events style from the very beginning. Below are some of Jes's Favorite and most memorable invites from events she has designed and produced!

- We designed a great invitation for the launch of a new razor. Instead of paper invitations, we sent out gorgeous girls with long legs in short shorts who rode around Manhattan on pink Vespa scooters, personally delivering an invitation to each guest in the form of a razor with the details printed on it. The idea made quite an impression - the attendance rate was phenomenal, thanks to those leggy girls!

- For a one-year-old's birthday party invitation, we created a simple iMovie on a Mac mode from baby pictures and a soundtrack of "When I'm 64" by the Beatles. After the thirty-second slideshow came a page with the party specs. this type of things can be done with PowerPoint too - just e-mail it, send out a flash drive, or burn it onto a DVD.

- For a vodka launch, we sent out carved potatoes. Most people go the super-sexy model route with alcohol, but we had an artist carve the details into an actual potato, as one would using a lino block. You could even make potato prints this way if you ink them up. We sent the potato out in a box with scruffy tissue strands, much like a pet rock.

- There is nothing lovelier than using a child's piece of art as an invitation. To me, this is the most personal, charming invitation one can receive, because after the wow factor dies down from receiving a potato in the mail, all you are left with is the gimmick itself and not a treasured piece of original art.

- if you want your guests to remember your event, you could send out conceptual thank-you cards. We once did an urban awareness event for young twenty-somethings with a sex-ed expert on deck talking about safe sex. To thank them for coming, we sent a replica of a condom package with a real condom inside - hopefully one they added to their already existing collection.

There are more fabulous invite ideas and tips in Jes' book Party Like a Rock Star.

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