Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Moment in Time

Elegance, romance and the chilly Cali wind swept through Los Feliz this past Monday night as David Yurman invited guests (and the Proper Fun team) to the Ennis House for the West Coast launch of The Ancestrale Collection of watches.

The Ennis House
(Photo Credit: Fink-Foto)

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the home, which is the largest of his textile block designs (below), in 1923.

(Ancient Mayan Temples served as inspiration)

We wanted to highlight the house's unique design elements and true beauty, so we kept the decor to a minimum and opted to instead make an impact with just a few touches.

We softened the interior and exterior with glowing LED pillars that were housed inside of 10 and 14 inch frosted hurricanes. We lit these bad boys up all over the place. We surrounded the pool. We lined the stairs and hallways. From the moment the guests stepped inside, they were enveloped in warmth -- a big part of that was due to The Lighter Side's gorgeous lighting job.

Take a look at the pool, before and after.

(Photo Credit: Fink-Foto)

For a sleek and modern touch, Jes opted for arrangements of White Goddess Calla Lilies, which we placed (three) on the dining room table and (one) at the cognac bar.

(Photo Credit: Fink-Foto)

Callas are a great flower choice all year long and are available in many colors and sizes. They have fantastic names too ... Picasso (White with purple throat) and Captain Romance (Dark Pink), among others.


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  1. Thank you very much for posting these pictures they're incredible. I've been fascinated by this building for a long time. I was lucky enough to have a look around it back in December although there was tarpaulin all over the floor because of the rain so it's amazing to see it with a bit of nurturing. I'd be so grateful if you could post a few more photos of the event. Cheers!.