Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ring It In With A Spin

If you took part in JG's live New Year's Eve twitter party last year, then you already have many of Jes' favorite ways to ring in the New Year like a rock star in your back pocket. Here are some fresh and fab ideas to throw into the mix as we welcome 2011.

1) Check Your Top Hat At the Door: NYE often conjures up images of top hats, feather tiaras, noisemakers and of course, champagne. This year, we invite you to think oysters; white lights, chocolate, and of course, champagne.



Champagne is an acceptable food group on NYE. But oysters and other noshes (we still, and always will, heart Pigs in a Blanket) are a great compliment to the bubbly. If you are fretting the sticker price, Prosecco or another sparkling wine from the United States or Spain (cavas have great value for the taste) are a wallet friendly choice. Personal "poppers" are also fun -- mini bottles of champagne (187 ml) served with a straw.

(Pommery Pop is a notable choice)

Whatever you choose, do attempt to strike up a deal. Many wine sellers will knock anywhere from 5 percent to 15 percent off the price if you buy a case (be sure to browse Wineaccess.com and KLWines.com for deals as well). You can ask stores if they have any "mistake" bottles that are deemed unsellable because the label was damaged in shipping, or there's a harmless chip in the bottle.

2) Mark Your Territory: Once your drink menu is set, opt for fun drink markers so you don't lose your flute in the crowd. Etsy.com is showcasing these Wineglass Collars (set of 6 reversible designs, $12)

We also like these fun movie theater candy box charms (set of 6 for $19.99, etsy.com). To play on the theme, make it a low key night, screen some films and serve up jars of each kind of candy in colorful bowls.

Also, invite your guests to write down their resolutions on note cards.

($5 for 2 cards and envelopes, etsy.com)

Have them place them in envelopes and hang on to them for the year. Ask them to bring them back next year to see if they kept them.

3) Twinkle, twinkle: Tweaking your lighting just a little bit can turn any room into a new entertaining space.
Deck the place with inexpensive twinkle lights; stick to one color (our pick, white lights) if you are seeking a sophisticated vibe.


4) The Invitation is in the Inbox: Whether your event is a last minute get together, or you just love our planet, there are great online invitation options that can get the word out fast ... and we're not talking about Evite. Check out Paperlesspost.com and cocodot.com for great options.

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