Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautify Your Bash ... And Your Budget

We've all heard the idiom: "Champagne taste on a beer budget."

The truth is, most of us have it. The fabulous taste and only a teeny-tiny slice of our monthly money pie chart reserved for entertaining. We are the rule, not the exception.

"Like fiber in your diet, budgets aren't fun, but they're necessary," Jes writes in her book "Party Like A Rock Star," where she SUGjesTS 10 Easy Ways To Cheapify Your Party:

1) Edit Your Guest List -- Take a look at your invitees and rethink those guests you could do without. This won't be your last party, and you can invite certain people another time.

2) Change The Date -- Fridays and Sundays are the new Saturday.


Or opt for a less popular season. The winter months are usually slower and therefore might land you a better deal.

3) Keep It Short And Sweet -- Leave your guests wanting more...

4) Go Disposable --

It's OK to forgo the high-end dinnerware and glass rentals for disposable goods. Just recycle it when the party is over.

5) Find The One -- For decorations, pick one thing that rocks your world and go with it.

To offset a white space, pop some color with just a few floral arrangements. Hit up the flower mart and make your own. Choose solid arrangements and line them on your table with a few votives. Instant beauty.


Or, how about killing two birds with one stone and making your party favor the centerpiece. Display candy in various sized dishes. Stick to one color palette to keep the look simple and clean.

6) Look Beneath the Top Shelf -- Swap out the Dom for Prosecco or pick a vodka sans the swanky label. You might just find a jewel that tastes even better than the high end options. If you are looking for discount wine, check out or visit for a great price on a perfect bottle that may have been a casualty in a case where one bottle broke and stained the rest. The inside remains delish.

7) Buy in Bulk -- Get a Costco card and embrace the party platter.

8) Find Workable Spaces -- Choose venues that are party ready -- if they come with packages in place even better -- and make sure the space meets your power requirements so you don't require special needs.

9) Go Indoors -- Outdoor party costs can get out of hand, especially if the weather fails you. Inside fetes are not vulnerable to the added costs of tenting, heating or AC, etc.

10) Use In-House Stuff -- Go with whatever the venue's got on hand. If you can't bear the sight of their house linens, use them as an under layer and rent a cost effective sheer to mask it. Don't like the chairs? Rent covers instead of new ones. Make your tush and your piggy bank proud!

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