Friday, January 21, 2011

We Built This Salon on Rock and Roll

This week we finally emerged from the Golden Globes cave that we were hiding out in for the past month. We dusted ourselves off, caught a jet plane to NYC and are raring to go for Bethany and Eric's wedding this weekend!

But first, here is a look back at the magic we made happen for CVS Pharmacy last weekend in LA at Access Hollywood's 5th Annual "Stuff You Must Lounge..."

JG properFUN was once again brought on board to design and build a fabulous beauty salon from scratch. This year we infused tons of vibrant color into the space to offer guests a feminine and cozy spot to unwind in while they got gorgeous (courtesy of essie, Maybelline, Nexxus, Crest and La Roche-Posay). We adorned the space with arrangements of pink and orange Calla Lillies and opted for white furniture set against mirrored frames and silver flooring providing a clean and simple look.

Here is a before shot of our blank canvas at The Sofitel before it was beautified:

These are the renderings that we designed to bring our vision to life:

Here we are halfway through production:

Now for the finished product:

And now, may I leave you with one final picture ... Breakdown!

So there you have it friends. It takes a village, and our village is full of rock stars!

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