Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flaming Cactus

A cable tie, also known as a zip tie is a wonderful tool,
especially when it comes to securely binding and organizing things. I became the biggest fan of zip ties, and use them for everything; draping, binding multiple rugs together,
binding rods and branches, and much more.
zip ties are my remedy to almost anything,
like windex in the movie...
My Big Fat Greek Wedding to me "Put some Windex" :)

We had an amazing weather in NYC last Saturday, and I was determined to take an adventurous trip in the city. My journey began in the Astor Place in East Village, where I saw vibrant colored zip tie installation on the lampposts. From the distance, I couldn't tell what it was made out of. I walked closer to one of the lamppost then gasped, "OMG ARE THESE ZIP TIES??" Brightly neon zip ties wrapped around all the posts and created Cactus looking lampposts.

"Flaming Cactus" installation was part of an art project from the Animus Art Collective for this year's Summer Streets Program.
The goal of the installation was to demonstrate that everyday objects can be transformed into something interesting just by combining them in usual ways.

They are coming down in June 2012, please go check them out!

Also.. few of the photos I took during my inspirational tour in SOHO/NOLITA <3

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