Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lite Brite, Are You Making a Come Back?

An upcoming event has challenged us to design for a crowd with a demographic of males, ages 18 – 40. The event will showcase a variety of electronic gadgets and the boys/men who use them. The younger crowd who will be in attendance come from today’s super-high tech, 3D technology world that is leaps and bounds away form the technology that saturated the wonder years of the older generation that will be attending. We needed to find a bridge. So we are proposing a cool Lite Brite Wall as the focal point for the room and as a place to display our client’s logo.

I never had the chance to play with this legendary toy, so I did some quick research! The Lite Brite was created by Hasbro in 1967, and allows its user to create a glowing design. Essentially, this is just a light box with small colored pegs that fit into a grid of holes and illuminate from within. Users use any arrangement formed from a custom combination of eight different colored pegs (green, blue, red yellow, orange, pink, purple, and clear), so with that kind of variety, there are MANY custom designs to be created.

We think larger-than-life whenever possible so to my surprise, the largest Lite Brite ever built was an entire wall created in NYC. This structure created in 2008 by ASICS America Corporation and Vitrorobertson used 347,004 original size pegs and made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. This self-standing image was 9ft x 14ft.

A little nostalgia goes a long way and with the ever evolving App world available today, all kinds of “old school” technology has resurfaced in the shiny new form of tablet and smart phone apps. Case in point, Lite-Brite is now offered as an iPad app. You can pick the colored pegs you want and then every space you touch appears in those colors and makes a funny little sound, just as it did when Lite Brite users ripped through the paper of those fresh, new design templates that came with the game.

Our hope, is that guests will appreciate the nostalgic nod to technology that we are making by using a giant Lite Brite wall to display this ever-so-tech-forward company’s logo at their event.

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  1. Lori Kanary is the artist that started this oversized Lite-Brite trend over 10 years ago. She set two Guinness Records and has been copied ever since. The only reason people know how to make these artworks is because of her. Asics didn't "build this record" by the way. You really should credit the proper people when it comes to art movements.