Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The blackboard wall trend has been going strong for the past couple of years, for nearly every room in the house. The matte finish of blackboard paint is practical, contemporary, and fun.

In our old office, we used to have a MEGA chalk board that we religiously for our events. We would create to-do lists, purchase lists, and other important notes that need to be shared in the office. It helped us to stay on the same page while juggling many different events at the same time.

NOW that we've moved into a bigger space, everyone is getting their OWN SQUARE BLACKBOARDS behind their desks. Half of the office has the blackboards and love the look of them on the wall. The panels of the blackboards on the wall give warmth to the space.

Though I have to be honest, my least favorite part of using chalk board is the messy CHALK and how much dust it creates. BUT don't let this stop you because there is another option. Check out these Liquid Chalk Markers! They deliver a smooth and opaque layer of color with great covering power. It is clean and vibrant. BRILLIANT!

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