Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Event at the Glasshouses!

The JG team has been installing for an event at the Glasshouses yesterday and today. A few more of the key decor pieces are coming tomorrow morning to complete the look for the event, but I wanted to give everyone a sneak peak of the room.
(To be honest, I couldn't wait to share with everyone!)

I enjoy taking the before & after shots of the room. It still amazes me to see how all the different elements come together and create a totally different environment.

It is hard to see, but Frankie is rocking his JG Party like a Rock Star T-shirt on the 12ft ladder!!

Quick snap shot of the view from the 21st floor at the Glasshouses: I do NOT mind 12 hours of production at the venue with a view like this one!

Here are a few key decor items I would like to brag about:

#1. Fabulous Mirror Spheres - They were fabricated by our AMAZING fabricator (@thisisdaddyo) and I need to give them a very large hug because they pulled these puppies up in NO time. NOTE: Find me and joe reflecting off the sphere.
#2. New lounge configuration. This is not your EVERYDAY lounge set up. With a very last minute changes on the floor plan, the lounge layout had to be adjusted. This is certainly NOT what I had in mind when I woke up but everything all came together. I am very excited for the guests to relax in the lounge during the event tomorrow night!!!

#3. Light up Towers: ALL I need to say is that they change colors, they are tall and SKINNY and WIRELESS. Can't get better than these! I plan to take them home with me after the event.

We have so much more to show but I am going to stop here because I don't want to spoil the fun for our guests : b You guys will just have to wait! But trust me, you won't be disappointed!

P.S. How should I prepare for 48hrs of production in next two days?

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  1. I love the spheres and lights. So pretty. Where did the lights come from? They really add great ambience. Nice job!