Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring is the air!

Arthur, you recently created some beautiful spring arrangements for clients of ours! They screamed SPRING and had such personality. I’d love to pick your brain about how you were able to come up with these ideas.

What were the first questions that came to mind when you were asked to create the arrangements?
Well, the first thing that I think about normally is the occasion or purpose of the arrangements; in this case I already knew that we were wishing our clients a Happy Spring. Then, I take into account the person or establishment that will be receiving the arrangement. Since this wasn’t an occasion where I knew the contact, I did research and looked at the company’s website to get an idea of the company’s taste, which I translated to the contact. For instance, for a loft venue, I assumed more of a modern taste. For a classic banquet hall, I assumed traditional and timeless. Lastly, I think of budget and floral availability at the flower market, both of which I revisit on the day that I purchase the flowers.

Do you normally stick to a certain color scheme?
No, if I don't need to stick to a color (based on client requests, etc), I prefer to use whatever floral speaks to me at the flower market.

What are some of your favorite spring blooms/foliage?
You know, I don’t have one favorite. The flowers that make me most happy are the flowers that are peaking when I visit the flower market. I have been in business a very long time, and peaking flowers always put a smile on my face. Currently, Lilacs are in their peak period.

What were some obstacles that you had to keep in mind when you created these arrangements?
Well, one obstacle that can trip anyone up is when packaging at the flower market gives flowers a different look. For instance, I am currently worked on an arrangement with Chincheree that appeared to be very tight when in the package. But when I took them out of the packaging they were much looser. Unfortunately, you can’t open packages at the flower market and you can’t return either. So I just take the idea that I had in my head and alter it. After all it is just an idea! Often, with a little alteration of the flowers and my idea, the arrangements turn out prettier than expected!

(Here is an example of what tight Chincheree should look like)

What goes on in your head when you are at the flower market?
As mentioned earlier, I think about budget and peak periods first and foremost. But after that, I like to factor in longevity. I want to make sure that I buy flowers that have approximately the same lifespan. I don’t want half of the arrangement to go bad in 4 days and the other half to go bad in 4 weeks! Also, I think about workload and prep time. If I know that I will be pressed for time, I try to choose flowers that don’t need a lot of grooming (i.e. no thorns) and also flowers that don’t need special treatment for “drinking.” For example, Lilacs need to be groomed and then put in extremely hot water before being placed in the arrangement. Other flowers can go directly in the arrangement with minimal grooming, like the Chincheree.

Can you provide a description about the arrangements featured below?
Sure! For the more masculine arrangements I like to stick to tropical flowers, they are actually season-less but work great for spring. They are less “petally” so give off less of a feminine vibe. This arrangement is composed of Beehive Heliconia and masculine textural elements, wrapped in a natural fiber fabric. These florals gave the arrangement an architectural element.
This romantic, feminine gift arrangement is composed of Astible, Thistle, and Anemone along with a textural fiber giftwrap. We wanted to create an organic yet soft feeling to the arrangement.

Arthur, you did such a fantastic job, we can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

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