Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall In The Hamptons

This past weekend was quite a magical one for the JG team. A wedding that we’ve been working on finally unfolded and turned out beautifully. Based in the Hamptons, the ceremony and reception had an ethereal aroma to it, as the ocean became a pleasant backdrop. Just as the ceremony was about to begin, a set of dark clouds rolled through and out, making way for the sun to sparkle down on the rows of white chairs placed on the manicured, lush lawn. We were very lucky and grateful to have flawless weather.

Once the ceremony was completed, guests made their way in to an amber-glowing room filled with decadent floral arrangements containing pops of hot pinks and deep teals. Amber votives hung from the ceiling and a special touch of gold shells sat upon each table containing the table number. The small details are what made this event so extraordinary and yet intimate, not to mention the amazing band was pumping throughout the night and definitely kept the guests on their toes.

When the reception ended, the after-party began, pulling guests down towards the beach, as tikki torches lead the way to the beach house. Paper lanterns lit up the ceiling and white lanterns added a charm to the whimsical room.

This was a wedding that the JG team will never forget and it is the events such as these that keep us loving what we do.

P.S.: Meet Klair, the newest addition to the JG team! She rocked the floral design for this event!

*All photography credits go to Christine Han

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