Monday, September 27, 2010

Pipe & Drape & Lighting Galore

Last weekend we produced an event in an open and empty blank canvas space. Our goal was to transform the space into a cabana-type lounge. In order to create this modern, chic, loungey look,we depended on our never-failing pipe and drape. If you haven’t used it before, we recommend you consider this the next time are looking to transform a bare (or unattractive) space. Simply put, pipe and drape are pieces of pipes that lock into one another to create a framed structure. Before locking everything into place, you slide on the drapes (of your preference). We went the next step to gently pulling the drapes back with ribbon, revealing sleek white couches and a pallet of blue and silver pillows.

To add even more of a lounge feeling to the pipe and drape design, we installed lighting to project different patterns and designs amongst the drapes. The patterns of light were also projected onto our table linens and in different spots throughout the room, pulling together the entire design of the space while creating an elegant nuance.

To further emphasize the touch of lighting to the room, we incorporated glow-up bars and cocktail tables. We continued the color thread of silvers and blues throughout, and lit the bars and cocktail tables accordingly. Keeping a consistent color pallet is always helpful - you don’t necessarily have to smear the entire room in aqua blue, but instead, add pops of your color in less expected places. It’s all about the element of surprise and introducing different colors tastefully! Scattering aqua glow-up furniture throughout the space was a great way for us to put a punch of color in our lounge-like setting.

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