Thursday, September 9, 2010

Host with the Most

Today we had Jes answer one of the hardest questions posed to someone hosting an event. What are your top 10 tips to being a fabulous host and still have fun? This is a difficult task but check out Jes' great tips and tricks below.

1. Give yourself a budget, but be sure to not only put your cash into d├ęcor and food but possibly into hiring some supportive event staff like a bartender or someone to help you clean up in the kitchen! This will make your life uber easy and freed up to be a phenomenal host!

2. Do what you know and what you do well!! Don’t try to cook Indian food if you never have before for your first time hosting a party.

3. Dress comfortably but show yourself off as the host. If you’re going to try to pull off those seven-inch heels while hosting an event you are either stupid or a gladiator from roman times. Dress so you feel like a rock star but be comfortable and who you are normally; just raise the bar a bit. If you’re into the all black look, go ahead and rock out a hot pink shoe or an awesome feather in your hair to let your guests know that you are the woman to know!

4. Make things simple on yourself. Pre-prepare anything you can in terms of food etc. you can freeze items and defrost when its party time and pre mix some cocktails too. Do as much as you can before party so you can relax and be with your friends.

5. Check out your surroundings and make sure your environment is party ready. If you’ve had a running toilet, fix it because you know that puppy will choose to break during your event. If you have major valuables that you don’t want your drunken friends to mess up, by all means hide them!

6. Create “no enter zones” in your home. Just because you invited folks over, it doesn’t mean that they are welcome to look in your underwear drawer.

7. If you are having an outdoor event, be sure to turn off your sprinkler system a few days before your event. Your ground will be a mud bath if you don’t. Be sure you have proper bug repellents, and outdoor lighting as well.

8. Make the invitation process easy! Go electronic or if you go with paper, make sure you keep track of your RSVP’s with an excel spreadsheet constantly. It’s very important to know who is coming to your party because it will affect your supply level, and yes its okay to do an electronic invite for a cocktail gathering.

9. When pouring the libations do small pours. If your guests are going to be there a while make sure the alcohol flows but doesn’t flood! A bottle of wine should server at least 4-6 guests and cocktails should be mixed with quick shots of alcohol not a lingering long lasting shot. Trust me, you will be happy you did this!

10. Don’t let guests leave your party drunk!!!! Whether you believe this or not, you are legally liable for anyone who leaves your event wasted and worse yet in a car crash. Be sure to have a trustworthy taxi cab service on hand.

I know this is beyond 10, but my last tip is to HAVE FUN!! Why go through all this shit if you aren’t going to have a good time?

Photo Credit: Mad Men AMC

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