Monday, December 5, 2011

Jes' eventoftheMONTH

This past month, the JG team put together an amazing rockstar bar mitzvah at Gotham Hall. Gotham is one of my favorite event spaces to work in because the architecture inside and out is absolutely gorgeous and screams old, chic New York City. Having previously been a bank, Gotham Hall’s interior is truly something else with its teller walls still in place and an awe inspiring glass domed ceiling.

For this bar mitzvah, we really wanted to incorporate Gotham’s vibe into the party’s atmosphere. Our design was inspired by a supper club environment and incorporated various textures, illumination, patterns, and lighting to add depth.

Since this was for a 13 year old boy, we kept the color palette in hues of Silver, Blue, Violet, and White. The combination of color gave off a fabulous balance of modern with the old-world chic venue.

We used some amazing d├ęcor elements that combined made this bar mitzvah’s aesthetic unlike any other bar mitzvah New York City has seen. Some of my favorite things we used were:


I don’t think I can put into words how fan-freaking-tastic this lighting installation was. We’re all still talking about how gorgeous it looked. Raised high above the room and affixed to the dauntingly huge oval truss that hangs from the ceiling these votives gave off the feel the one was looking off into the skyline of a magical cartoon city. And “city” was an underlying theme the bar mitzvah boy wanted us to incorporate, so that was our interpretation as it fit into this venue. We lowered the truss some 35 ‘ to the floor and hung the luminaries at various lengths that, once the lights were lowered and the truss raised back up, looked like they were floating on air! Using LED lights to illuminate the luminaries, the dimness was perfect. It was so one of those moments where you had to take a step back and have a moment because it was really THAT amazing to see.

Infinity Votives:

Here at the JG studio, we have A LOT of votives to work with but these infinity votives are my absolute favorites! The chemistry they add to a table setting or a bar is truly stunning. These votives worked perfectly with our floral displays on every table. The combination with the floral displays that consisted of Mini Calla Lilies, Hydrangea, Anemones, and Orchids provided an outstanding exuberance on those tables!

Lounge Furniture:

For the teen’s area, we used amazing lounge furniture that gave a very clubby chic appeal for the younger attendees. The White furniture was able to pop in an area where we used lots of darker colors in the accessories, including blue custom made pillows with the bar mitzvah logo. In using a mix of couches and ottomans, the differences in furniture style gave off an eclectic vibe for the bar mitzvah boy and his friends!

It’s been a few weeks and this party is still resonating inside of me. I’m continuously showing my friends and family pictures from this event. It’s events like these that really show how awesome my job can be!

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