Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Own Your Holiday Decoration

Decorating for holiday party is important to create a celebratory environment, but you don't want to offend certain groups of employees so here are some tips in keeping it "neutral".

Easy Breezy Beautiful Four Step Instructions:

Step One: Find COLORFUL construction paper. Cut two 12" strips, two 10" strips and one 8 3/4" strip with each strips width approximately 1". Feel free to play with the lengths of the sets of strips, but be mindful that the length of the middle strip demines the overall size and shape of the finished product - meanting a longer center strips yields and larger finished product. One important note: Don't be limited to the Holiday colors (Red, Green, Blue and White) - EXPRESS YOUR SELF!

Step Two: Place the shortest strip in the middle as the anchor and pair the rest by like size (length.) Starting with the shortest pair, take one of the strips and affix it to the top and bottom of the middle anchor strip so that it bows outward creating an elliptical patern. We used double stick tape (spongey kind) to bind the ends. Once you have affixed both of the shorter pieces to the opposite sides of the anchor, do the next longest set, affix them the same way so that it creates the outer layer of the ornament.

Setp Three: Wire the ornaments with fishing wire on one end so that you can hang the ornament. Cut the wires in varying heights fo rosme visual interest!

Step Four: Find boring corners, windows walls, or doors to hang the ornaments near.

Now put your elf hat on and get started!

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