Monday, December 19, 2011


While wandering the corridors of the invitation show a few months back, we came across the Bell’Invito booth. Two beauties from Texas smiled brightly eager to show us what they have to offer. In our day-to-day, we see it all and are rarely blown away, but there was something artisanal about their paper that showed a lot of care went into the design, which we found to be a nice blend of contemporary and classic. Visually, the layouts all had a harmony to them that carried through from the invite to the rsvp card to the informational card. And from talking to them for just a minute, we got the feeling they know exactly what the market needs. This is not the DIY invitation, but is really a hands-on and streamlines approach to make the process super easy.

As we got talking further, our conversation took a turn that I did not expect. Never in our history had we thought about taking on invitations as something the company would sell. We work closely with our clients to design and oversee the process, but we leave it to the professionals to speak the technical stuff.

The Bell’Invito team took the time to talk through the partnership and has made it super easy and now, clients can come directly to jesGORDON and we will walk them through the entire process of designing the perfect invite.

Beautiful books offer our clients a tour of all the “suites” that previous clients have used. For those of you who do not know what a “suite” is, like I did not before this process, it is the entire invite package (envelope, cards, etc). The books are great tools for those who just want to see something they like, point at it and be done.

For the client who really wants to pick every little detail, we can walk you through that process with ease. And there are so many choices to be made right down to who stuffs and mails the invitations for you.

· Envelope size, shape and color

· Liners (you would be amazed at the selections)

· Paper thickness, color, border, edge treatment

· Fonts, Calligraphy, letterpress vs. engraving, colors

· Wording

· Graphics

· Layout

· Stuffing and Mailing – who does it?

Lastly, as part of our many services as event producers and designers, when you hire us to produce your event, we will manage your RSVP’s for you so you have a stress free time and can focus on everything else, like the cake!

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