Monday, August 23, 2010

Go! Fight! Win!

Its that time of year again when weekends are dominated by football games and the great tradition known as tailgating starts up again. We have some great tips for fans young and old. These sugJEStions can be used whether you are lucky enough to have tickets or you are catching the game on your own big screen.

Transportable Gas Grills for table tops or the bed of a pick up truck are a great invention! In addition to serving the usual hot dog and hamburger fare, throw down an awesome do it yourself S’mores Party Platter for those chilly night time games.

Provide Solo cups to drink your choice of poison out of, and choose an array of the cup colors that match your favorite team.

Astro Turf the back of your pick up truck and create a picnic vibe complete with blankets and pillows so you can really party down in comfort.

Don’t forget your team window flags, go over the top here and instead of one flag per window, go for four and put team magnets all over your vehicle. Root your team on with pride!

For the morning games- go for some pre mixed bloody mary’s in a large service thermos to get your party started right away in the early hours. If its chilly outside trade Bloody Mary’s for Irish Coffee, especially if your team is Notre Dame.

If you really want to power up the boom box, a TV and possibly a loud speaker for rowdy cheering, bring along a handy mini Generator (about the size of a small suitcase) MUSIC is important here, bring your iPod with an upbeat playlist along with your team’s fight song on repeat of course!

Play a non-money betting game by betting upon the outcome of each quarter with your friends and giving out cool prizes like movie tickets, beer and the grand prize could actually a TV!

Instead of the typical tailgating chairs bring some fun blow up mod furniture from Target or Walmart.

For the old folks it’s a bit more about comfort. Provide awesome flannel plush blankets and pillows for each buddy and if its hot out provide umbrellas in your team colors or go mac daddy with the self standing tents that have your team name imprinted on them. Some of these puppies are complete with fans that clip onto the tents for that extra breeze.

Do a Keg-o-rator from Heineken instead of the usual piss beer and for the ladies provide some mini-Coronas displayed in an ice trough. For the cold weather, hook your hot plate up to make some hot toddy’s for the fellas and some spiced cider for the ladies.

For gourmet treats instead of usual game fare serve: Carmelized Onion and Sour Cream dip with Kettle chips, Frito Pie, Spicy Cabbage Slaw and BBQ pulled pork on cheddar cheese biscuits.

Give each buddy their own self standing TV tray that they can keep their snack and drinks on them and provide the higher level tailgating chairs that recline etc.

Provide each guest with their very own stadium chair that they can bring into the game screen printed with the team logo and their names.

These tips will help you raise the bar and help your tailgate score!

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