Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet Tooth

Today is the final post on our Kids Theme Party tips. We would love to hear your comments and and stories about how you put these tips into action in the weeks to come! Leave them below.

Sweets for the Sweet

Hell, just give in to their whining demands once a year and have a sweets for the sweet party with no healthy food. Set up an ice-cream sundae bar with frozen yogurt or ice cream and a complete selection of candy and fruit toppings. Kids can go to different decorating stations where they can top cookies or cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles. On the floor, replicate a huge Candyland game board on a white plastic tarp either by drawing it yourself with nonsmearing art markers or having the artwork printed on vinyl at a print shot – not only does this protect your floor, it keep s the concept in mind. I also love a candy bar (in fact, I have one in my home on a permanent basis). Construct your own candy landscape by using old mason jars or simple discount-store glass vases of all different shapes and sizes; filled with assortments of candy, they’ll look like a colorful skyline. Next to each jar of candy, put a guessing jar so each guest can guess the number of candies inside on slips of paper. The winner gets… more candy! Or have a silly recipe contest, where you hand out simple recipe cards for something common like chocolate chip cookies0 but you leave out one ingredient, Mad Libs style (a la “sugar, flour, eggs, bugger, and _____”). Trust me, the responses will be hilarious. Make sure you have your guests sign their pieces of paper so you can read them aloud and crack everybody up!

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