Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Milk!

Meet Milk! He is the newest part-time member of the jesGORDON team. Jes and some friends have been fostering Milk while he looks for a more permanent home. Milk was found through White Angels in NYC. They are a rescue group who help dogs like Milk who are born visually or hearing impaired. Please take some time to visit the White Angels site and to learn about Milk below!

Milk has traveled a long journey, trying to find the right home for himself. He is currently sharing his time between the JG office and two apartments in Manhattan. He certainly does seem to get around and is in high demand from all of his fellow caretakers! We must admit though... he does seem to fit in well here and he is definitely not afraid to make himself comfortable...
A typical day for Milk involves playing with his various enticing toys - may it be his favorite orange duck or a squeeze toy filled with peanut butter, Milk knows how to wear himself out! And after a long and hard day of running around and playing, he takes a little nap time with his friend...
Milk is one of the friendliest dogs we've ever met and he loves everyone and everything he sees. Although he is deaf, you would never know it because he is as happy as can be! He is also incredibly intelligent even understands sign language, which is how we've learned to communicate with him! Milk has got a lot of love to give and we are on the look out for a new and permanent home for him. While we would love to continue sharing the love of Milk around Manhattan, he deserves a permanent abode just like every other dog. Milk is truly a great guy and anyone would be lucky to have him as a part of their family!

Who could resist such a cutie? We would be sad to see Milk leave us at JG, but he's got places to see and people to meet, we don't blame him! We're just glad to have his company for the meantime :) Let us know if you would like any more information on Milk or White Angels

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