Friday, August 20, 2010

A Modern Spin on the Traditional Photobooth

Having a photobooth at your wedding or event for your guests to cram into and snap silly shots of themselves, has been a long time trend in the making. But these photobooths have taken a hop, skip and a jump to create a more modern chronicle. Instead of your traditional booth where you step inside and sit down against a plain backdrop, we are seeing props and creative scenery thrown into the mix as well! Take your ordinary white or black back drop and change it out for a wall of streamers or even different kinds of frames left empty (I am sure your guests will find ways to fill them!).
Photo source: Natty Michelle

We are of course also a fan of these creative chalkboard speech bubbles (via Chalkboard Speech Bubble - StumbleUpon) being used as props in the photobooths - what a fun and simple, yet creative way to celebrate!

And if you haven't seen them yet, Smitten Sticks are becoming a fun little prop for your guests to goof around with - or even for the bride and groom to giggle over! Throw these in the photobooth and you'll be sure to get plenty of laughs out of it!
Photo Source: Smitten Sticks

The great thing about these photobooths is that you can personalize them as much as you want and even have them go along with the theme of your event! They should reflect your personality or at least have enough props on hand to reflect your guests' personalities!

Smilebooth is one company that creates great booths that you can rent for your event. Pictured below is one example of a booth they set up for a wedding. As you can see... the options are endless for the props that you can throw into your booth! Your guests will be loving every second of it, and don't be worried if you end up having to yank them out of there at the end of the night! Its all in the name of good fun and laugher.

Photo Source: The Flash Dance

A Photobooth that all of your guests can enjoy :) You can't go wrong ...

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