Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Have You Met Ms. Brown

We recently had the amazing opportunity to interview the intelligent candy icon, Ms. Brown. Ms. Brown isn't the only woman in the M&M family with an impressive background and personality. Have you heard of Ms. Green? But we digress.

Ms. Brown finally decided to reveal herself after working for decades behind the scenes as "Chief Chocolate Officer" at M&M. She walked into the jesGORDON studio today wearing white high heels, Judith Ripka gloves, and glasses.

JG Team: You just had your big reveal in NYC and LA on January 30th. How often do you travel between NYC and LA?

Ms. Brown: Very often. I did my reveal on the East coast at 3pm EST then did the whole reveal again on the West Coast at 3pm PST on the same day. Let's just say that I was traveling with the light (Wink).

JG Team: What made you decide to debut in both cities? Why not just choose one city?

Ms. Brown: Asking me to pick between New York and Los Angeles for my big debut is like asking me to pick between Mozart & Beethoven. (Ms. Brown's Tweet on Jan. 25th). We went live online. You can watch my debut in live online - LINK.

JG Team: Not too long ago, you were mentioned in the New York Times. Did you read the article?

Ms. Brown: As a subscriber and long time reader, being mentioned in the Times was definitely one of the highlights of my career. (Tweet on Jan. 17) * Link to the NY Times article.

JG Team: After all these years, why did you choose this moment to reveal your self?

Ms. Brown: It's been a long time coming, and although I'll be more in the spotlight, it's something I've been preparing for as Chief Chocolate Officer for a long time.

JG Team: Any words of wisdom for people reading this interview?

Ms. Brown: Once Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said, "well behaved women seldom make history." I say, "Making history is easy when you're the original Milk chocolate." (Tweet on Jan 16)

JG Team: How do you feel about seeing giant versions of yourself in NYC and LA?

Ms. Brown: It's quite overwhelming seeing my face everywhere after being behind the scenes as Chief Chocolate Officer all these years. (Tweet on Jan 31st)

JG Team: When is your first commercial scheduled to air?

Ms. Brown: My commercial is scheduled to air in the first quarter of the NBC broadcast of the Super Bowl game. So on February 5th, look out for my face during the Super Bowl XLVI commercials!

JG Team: You are quite active in the social media. Do you enjoy it and where can we find you?

Ms. Brown: It is time to trade in my spreadsheets for some Facebook time. (M&M's USA page on Facebook - Link.) You can also follow me at @mmsbrown.

JG Team: We've heard a rumor that you are coming back to NYC in the beginning of February. Can you tell us more?

MS. Brown: It is a secret but I can give you a small hint. I am working with lots of talented people on a great event in SoHo. Stay tuned for details!

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