Monday, January 16, 2012

You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Have you ever found the perfect space for an event, but couldn’t look past the dirty wall, scuffed surfaces and bland ceilings? It’s a circumstance that occurs all too often in the world of event planning and design; however there are a few ways to turn a run down venue into an attractive space.

If the walls are screaming for a new paint job but you don’t have time, pipe and drape your venue. If you need floor to ceiling coverage or just partial, the drapes come in a variety of colors, textures and designs to choose from.

If you have a surface that can’t be pipe and draped, invest in vinyl. Bar tops, pillars, glass, walls WHATEVER you need to cover, vinyl is your man. Although it can get expensive, if you need to bling-out a column, add logos, or wrap up a bar into a chic new station, vinyl can get the job done. There are numerous grades to explore and unlimited textures and colors, so have fun with this tool because it’s completely customizable

If concrete floors are giving you the chill, look no further than carpet. Something cozy underfoot can add just the right amount of warmth. Carpet also does double-duty acting as a form of heat and sound absorption. If your expecting snowy or rainy weather at your event, carpet can help keep the mess to a minimum, and no one wants sloshy, snow tracks across slippery floors, right?

The ceiling of a venue can either leave you breathless or make you cringe. If your venue’s ceiling needs some TLC turn off the lights and create some illumination of your own. Splashing colors or patterns on a ceiling creates an instant facelift. You can play with shadows and spotlights and even skip the wiring with wireless LED lights. Hanging votives or paper lanterns from the ceiling are attractive lighting elements that add depth as well.

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