Friday, January 20, 2012

Party Like a Rock Star: Ruckus and Romeo

Prowling the offices of jesGORDON by day, living like royalty by night, we’re the watchdogs of all things fun. We’ve seen our owners throw some fabulous soirees, but it’s time we come out of the shadows, because we can’t deny that we party like Rock Stars too. So we hope you're in the mood for something fabulous, because its raining Ruckus and Romeo in the office today, and we’re going to share our tips on how to Rock Out your next canine celebration.

Prep for Your Pet Party

Like any other good event, location is everything. If the weather is anything like we’re bearing in NYC today, stick to indoor venues or else you’ll have pup-sicles to defrost later. Prepare your lounge area for your four-legged friends. Anything you don’t want us to eat, needs to be put away, because we WILL eat it. Anything you don’t want us to sniff, put it away, because we WILL sniff it. Basically pup-proof the whole damn place.

After you’ve pup-proofed, you’ll need to prepare a four-legged friendly lounge; unless you want us all over your immaculately kept furniture. Remember to keep the dog beds fluffy, yet stylish. If you don’t mind us on the couches, but prefer to keep the clean up easy, invest in some doggie-blankets, they’re a simple throw-and-go approach. The water bowl is an essential aspect of the lounge because no one wants a parched pooch, right? Keep in mind the size of your guests because a little wiener will not be able to reach the bowl of a Bernese Mountain dog. To keep spills to a minimum, add a doggie placemat; your floors will thank you later.

And what could be more rock star than The Kinks? Correct answer, nothing. So rock it out British style. Don’t forget to invite a few Corgis to take your English bash to the next level.

If you prefer a modern approach, choose bold patterns and sleek structures.

Check in next week for our ideas on proper pooch entertainment!

P.S. Have an idea for a rockin’ canine celebration? Post it below!


Ruckus and Romeo

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