Wednesday, June 6, 2012


You many be a little scared by the title of today's post but don't be. Your event is all about location. It is very serious. They can make or break your party. Follow these few tips and you will love how your party turns out.

Stay away from staircases at all cost. Spiral ones, especially. There is always the vision of girls in 4 inch stilettos that pops into people's brains when they see a staircase. The outcome could be chaotic and a disaster. Staircases, also, make it difficult for the wait staff to move around and serve the guests.

Stay away from locations that have low ceilings. A party should be like a freedom-filled vacation. People can forget about anything and everything and let loose, not hit there heads and remind them that their not on vacation.

Make sure you can get air in to the room. Tight spaces decrease the oxygen flow in the room and people will become too crowded and unhappy.

Always have a back-up bathroom in case a main bathroom fails on you. Females will be very unhappy if they have to wait. They will lose time at the party and ultimately not have a good time.

To finish off. Go with your gut and pick the location that is going to work best for you. Think about the big picture because most of the time your guests won't recognize those tiny details you hate. The room will be filled with music, dancing, food and a good time. Remember these three final details about your location. It should be workable, budget-friendly, and should make you feel excited and proud of your party!

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