Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Majestic City Wedding

The beautiful Gotham Hall in New York City served as the backdrop for an amazing wedding on a Sunday afternoon. Dim lighting and an assortment of floral arrangements gave the environment a romantic glow. The entry way welcomed guests with two delicate arrangements of Hybrid Delphinium and Hydrangea on either side, with candles placed around them to add a flicker to their beauty.

The escort table was decorated with an array of lavender, deep purple, and blue flowers. The small arrangements included Hybrid Delphinium, Clematis, Hydrangea and Thistle. These flowers, when blended together on the table, established a breathtaking setting as the guests found their appropriate seats.

Once in the main hall, the centerpieces brought guests into a fusion of New York City and an enchanted forest setting. Centerpieces varied between tall masterpieces of Mountain Laurel and Hydrangea flowers, and intricate arrangements of Hydrangea, Roses, Ranunculus, Tulips, Astilbe, Calla Lilies and Dahlias.

Guests also had the opportunity to fill out a “mad-libs” story for the bride and groom to enjoy.

Various NYC landmark areas including the West Village, Gramercy Park Hotel, and the Diamond District were framed and used to identify tables. Floating candles in cylinders of various heights were used to dimly light the room.

The majestic d├ęcor, when teamed with the already elegant structure of Gotham Hall, created a perfect balance country and rock and roll. We absolutely loved working on this project and wish the best for the beautiful couple! 

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