Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Don’t let another summer go by stuck indoors. Like most people, you’ve probably saved all of your work vacation days for these hot summer months. Why not take a few days to have an extended weekend getaway with some friends? Whether it’s for a birthday or just a free weekend, any occasion is a great reason to pack the car and hit the road. There’s a whole world out there to see!


Nobody wants their birthdays to last only one day, so turn it into a weekend road trip with some friends. Maybe you won’t be traveling across the country like you did in college, but don’t limit yourself to one area. Rent an Airstream or Winnebago and map out a more realistic course. If you’re in New York, maybe travel over to Vermont, or head from Los Angeles to Vegas if you’re a west-coaster. And make sure to bring an updated GPS for any wrong turns you might make.

Once you’ve decided on your start and end location, you can go more into detail depending on the time frame you have. For longer trips, you can research things to do in big cities along the way. Maybe there’s an awesome museum, great nightlife, or a fun concert that falls on a day during your trip. Check out MetroMix for some great event ideas in those areas.

Stop on the side of the road and take some pictures for every state line that you cross. You can later turn these into cute scrapbook memories to give as party favors to your pals that came along.

Make sure you pack some goodies to go also. Food on the road can get a bit pricey, so pack some sandwiches and dress them up with filet mignon, horseradish mustard, and grilled onions. Who says homemade can’t be gourmet? And pack some wine while you’re at it. As long as you’ve reached your destination and nobody is driving you can open a bottle and let loose!

Once you’ve finally reached your destination, make them remember you. Hit the local areas and jump into the culture of wherever you’ve ended up. The time to plan is now! Don’t let another beautiful summer go by stuck in the same spot. Grab some friends, get your keys and hit the road. The JG team is always on the go and definitely use these tips to make sure that even if we're going from coast to coast all summer, we still have a great time.

Stay tuned for our next event rundown, it’s going to be a lot of Fun!

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