Monday, May 14, 2012

Design Dogma

We love designing different environments from scratch. A raw space is like a plain canvas you can transform in six million different ways.  Transforming a space into a world that evokes an emotional response from your guests is possibly the most important part of the party process. Design, is your concept brought to life – your ideas built from the nuts and bolts of different elements harmonizing together- layout, props, lighting and accents and accessories need to meld together to create the most ideal environments.  Our design tips truly are endless, but here are some overall rules for successful event design.

1. To create ambience, you have to appeal to all five senses at once.  One sense shouldn’t outweigh the rest, or the balance of the room will suffer.  In a perfect party world, you will simultaneously hit the pleasure buttons of sight (lighting and décor), scent (natural florals and intoxicating candles), sound (great music), touch (different textures, surfaces, and drapery), and taste (phenomenal food and drink).

2. Be eclectic in your influences, and don’t get matchy – it’s too boring.  You don’t have to have a room that only says cold, white, and sleek.  Fill a room with candles that has a mod interior, and it evolves into something else entirely.  

3. Know your audience, and design a space that everyone can relate to.  The best way to marry different styles in a cohesive way is to come up with common denominators.  Maybe find a color or texture to agree upon.  Once you agree on a baseline, you will be able to add design elements that appeal to a variety of people.  It can be a great idea to put together inspiration pages to help hone in on your design plan.

4. It’s important to always think of design in a way you’ve never thought of before.  You want to make your guests feel as if they crossed over to another dimension.  Design your fantasy, but also make it recognizable so that it is apparent that the expression comes from you.  That could be adding a customized touch or using your signature vintage decor style.

5. Make sure you don’t sacrifice your guests’ comfort to the Design Gods.  Even small things, such as providing chopsticks instead of silverware for an Asian-themed party, could leave many of your guests starving!  Compromise by offering silverware sets with bamboo handles and a cool pair of chopsticks to match.  These tiny ideas can really add to the design of an event while keeping it comfy for your guests.

6. Don’t let your guests get bored experiencing the same environment for several hours.  The light and temperature will change throughout the event, so how cool would it be that when the sun goes down solar-powered lights automatically fire up.  Or simply lighting fire pits or plugging in string lights you set up earlier can keep you in design heaven!  Along with keeping the lighting current, keep the music changing and the food and drink flowing -- always keeping your guests on their toes!


Follow these tips and your event is sure to be beautiful, exciting, and express who you are.  Of course the biggest tip we can give is to relax, have fun -- and never ever forget to Party Like A Rock Star no matter where you are!!

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