Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Our first ever Flower Arrangement class was held last Wednesday night, right in our NYC office. Our production/floralMANAGER, arthurBRANTLEY, instructed a small class of eager and attentive participants on the basics of conditioning, arranging, and gift-wrapping a floral arrangement for any occasion.

After explaining the different factors to consider when making an arrangement such as size, occasion, and color, everyone in class had the opportunity to put together their own arrangement from scratch.

With a variety of about 20 kinds of fresh flowers to choose from, everyone’s unique arrangement gave us a hint at their individual personalities.

Those with a delicate eye used a combination of delicate pink and salmon colored spray Roses, Sweet William, and pink and green Hydrangeas. Others let their imaginations run wild mixing orange Tulips, blue Tweedia, purple Hyacinth, and an assortment of Mini Calla Lilies.

We also explored textures and scents, adding Mint, Scented Geranium, Blueberry Plants, and Astilbe. 

The final products were amazing! The color combinations, variation in heights, and overall presentation showed that of an expert level florist…well, almost. Even those that used the exact same combination of flowers had arrangements that looked completely different.

After two short hours, guests left happily with an arrangement in their hand and knowledge in their mind. So if anyone needs a new florist, we now have about ten more out on the town!

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