Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ultimate Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s day gifts should be about giving your mom a present she would never think to give herself.  Think about what your mother doesn’t have time for, or what she has done for you in that past, and return the favor!  Don’t become overwhelmed this Mother’s Day.  Simple acts like taking your mother’s car in to be washed or detailed, snooping around on her Amazon wish list, or visiting any of her fave internet shopping sites to buy her a gift (with your own funds) are sweet, fun, and unexpected ways to bring a smile to her face. Read on for some other great out of the box ideas to show your mom how much you love her.

Tech Gifts

If you live far away, make sure your mom is set up with the latest technology for keeping in touch.  If she needs a bigger monitor for her computer so that your Skype chats are more enjoyable, upgrading her computer and installing Skype could really rock her world.
If your mother is living in the caveman days, bring her into this century by hooking her up with the most current tech fads—the most recent iPhone, iPad, or MP3 player. And for the icing on the cake, give her a tutorial session so she knows how to use it all. WARNING: This could test your patience, but be cool, it’s Mother’s Day!

The Foodie Gift

Haunt your Mom’s favorite restaurant and recreate her favorite dish at home.  Be sure to pair the meal with her favorite wine.  Can’t cook?  Hire a local chef to cook the meal of your mom’s dreams at home.  Invite a few of her closest friends for a ready-made “Girl’s Night.”

The Hopes and Dreams Gift

Can you imagine what your mom was like before she had you? Having a child can easily push everything else aside. Was your mom in a band?  Did she bake? Was she a racecar driver?  For Mother’s Day this year bring your mom back into the realm of what she used to love to do before you were born.  If your mom was a singer, take her out to a karaoke club and let her voice loose for the night, or if she was a dancer, take a round of dance lessons with her so she can show you how its done.  Whatever her life was or whatever her hobbies and passions are, help provide a way for her to experience them or take them to the next level.

The Gift of Bragging Rights

Are you talented? If you can sing, dance, or perform nothing makes moms more proud than bragging rites.  Express your love by performing her favorite song and dedicate it to her in a Youtube video. Who knows? It may go viral!

The Crafty Gift

Can you make stuff? Well if you can, there is nothing more heartfelt than a gift that is handmade by a talented artisan. Even if you aren’t crafty, with sites like, you can hire an artisan to create the perfect gift for your mom. You can do anything from brewing her own flavor of soda, to making a one of a kind piece of jewelry, to having a song written for her.  And if you are sick of giving your mom those printed calendar of pictures of you, the dog, and the grandkids, never fear.  These days you can put mom’s favorite photos on EVERYTHING from pillows, to iPhone cases, and even shoes.  With programs like Instagram your photos look professional and can be printed on some of your mom’s favorite items.

The Nine-Month Showstopper
If you really want to wow your mom, don’t just limit Mother’s Day to one day this year.  Create a nine-month calendar of gifts touching on everything she loves.  After all it took nine long months to bring you into this world and your mom has been working to make you into who you are ever since.  You may have to do some snooping around to really home in on your mom’s interests.  And don’t worry about breaking the bank—I’m suggesting spending about $25 or less per month.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Month One: Put your sonogram picture or one of your favorite goofy kid pictures on a personalized M&M’S (

  • Month Two: Buy her favorite lipstick or a small gift certificate to Sephora.
  • Month Three: Order a small bouquet of her favorite flowers.  Or, create your own!  Check out our latest JG TV “How To” video  to see how easy it can be to create something beautiful for your mom.
  • Month Four:  Buy her and a friend tickets to a movie she has been dying to see.

  • Month Five: Create a play list of her favorite tunes (add a few of your own suggestions) and burn a CD or add them to her MP3 player.
  • Month Six: Play mixologist and create a specialty cocktail named after your mother with her favorite ingredients.  Mocktails and smoothies are great alternatives.
  • Month Seven: At this point, she will need some bling.  Shop for a “mom” necklace or other small shiny bauble that she’ll love.
  • Month Eight: Pamper her! A gift certificate for a massage or mani-pedi is always welcome.
  • Month Nine: Plan a special date for you and her (and your siblings).  Take your mom to lunch, or to see a play, or for a nice long a walk in the park with a picnic to follow. Month nine’s gift is about taking time out to spend with your mom.  If your mom is also a grandmother don’t forget that an afternoon with her grandchildren could fill her with delight.  Plan activities for her and the kids like a trip to the zoo, a lovely picnic in the park, or a day at the museum.

Remember that Mother's Day is also an occasion for moms to spend quality time with their kids.  Sites like,, and are great sites to find activities to do with your mother.  There are also several discount flash sale websites that offer good deals for amazing activities, like  For spa or lifestyle treatments, check out

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